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I travel to experience life not as I know it, but to connect to it, as it exists, untouched in a place that is new to me.

I travel the world to meet people, see places, watch, listen & learn, write, take pictures & share. 

Curated Album Selections

100,000+ Images From Around The World.

Gene's Journey - Adventure Photography By Gene Taylor

Generally, the images on this are not for sale and may be viewed for personal use only. Have Fun! Saving or downloading an image is only provided by request, so if you are interested in printing or utilizing any image for personal or commercial use, please text me or email me and I'll make the arrangements. There are a few hundred images in our Fine Art Print Gallery, or if you see an image here that you would like to add to your collection, just let me know and I'll put it in the gallery so you can see what it would like on your wall.   

Questions & Comments are WELCOME - Text me directly at: +1 623.800.3649

or for my email address, visit: GeneTaylor.Me


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