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Every Image Comes With A Story. This is the place to see and read both.

In The Footsteps of Man

22 Minute Read - 29 Images - March 22, 2022

The yellow domed tents are a welcome sight, and Oldonyo Lengai, a perfectly shaped conical volcano, dominates the distant view. A tall Maasai man in traditional dress welcomes our arrival. Backlit by the setting sun, kids from a nearby Maasai village offer a silhouette image as they line the crest of the rolling plain in front of the mountain...  MORE > > >


Striving To Thrive

8 Min. Read - 14 Images - Dec. 8, 2021

VISION - Education For All - Morocco, High Atlas Mountains

This is a story of how incredibly driven and talented young girls are seeking to build their futures and improve the lives of their families through education. In Morocco, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

These girls are seeking to break (or at least bend) the bonds of subsistence farming in the mountains as the only way of life. They are single-minded in their goal of learning to read, write, create and communicate. Bringing their success back to their village seems to be at the top of mind for all of the girls! They are disruptors, and they are determined to succeed!

Through the camera lens of GenesJourney, here is their success story...  MORE > > >

Sweet QSuite

4 Min. Read - 8 Images - Dec. 8, 2021

It was supposed to happen a year and a half ago. At least that's when we made plans and arrangements. Fucking pandemic did a number on us. But here we are, somewhere over the Atlantic headed for the Mediterranean, then over the Arabian Peninsula to Doha, Qatar, then across Saudi Arabia to JRO, Kilimanjaro International. Thirty hours total flying time....  MORE > > >

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